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Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

The only requirement is that they wear their ugliest holiday garb. The event will include holiday music, decorations, a photo hub and a hot chocolate station. After the race an award for ugliest sweater will be presented by Angela Teodorescu, Miss LaSalle. Last minute sign up is still available on the Ugly Sweater Run website . On site sign up will also be available starting at 8:30 a.m. Sunday.

Ugly Sweater run set for Sunday

Now look at that jersey, look at it. There is not one redeemable quality to it. It has some sort of Inception inspired crest where the logo is actually wearing a sweater featuringadifferent logo. Wildwing is breaking through the ice, which means that isn't a white stripe at the bottom, it's the horizon line.THIS JERSEY IS A LANDSCAPE. That's some Bob Ross shit right there.

Chris Bosh's Christmas sweater is amazing

I mean, who can complain with sunshine and 50s at the end of December, right? But now that winter has officially begun, I guess we better get used to more cold spells coming our way. Related Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts Thankfully, we get one final day to say "goodbye" to our pleasant weather. So you best enjoy Saturday and the mid to upper 50s that go along with it. However come Sunday, jaket korean style you had better have that sweater and jacket ready because it's a trip back in the freezer for us.

Sweater weather making a comeback

Heck, it's better than everyone's Christmas sweater. The Heat center showed up for Sunday's game in L.A. against the Lakers wearing a sweater that lights up: It was an instant hit on Twitter. Chris Bosh with the Abominable Snowman light up sweater. Next level.

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