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Outdoor Wear: Sorting Out The Choices

The best known is Gore-Tex, a trademark of W. L. Gore & Associates of Elkton, Md. It is a plastic laminate that is sealed onto fabric or inserted as a layer in shoe linings. Garments that use Gore-Tex command a premium, but increasingly new and less expensive fabric treatments are appearing. The Gore company is also making its own garments in different price ranges .

Multipurpose Outdoor Gear

The group declined to provide further details of its earnings or investments, saying only it was still profitable. FRESH AND NEW Hagloefs, the Swedish brand that started when Victor Hagloef made backpacks for local foresters and farmers in 1914, has the backing of a strong partner - Japanese owner Asics - and last year grew sales 14 percent. "This year looks a bit tougher," CEO Nicolas Warchalowski told Reuters. "In today's marketplace, you need to bring something fresh and vibrant to the customer for them to be interested." Experts say Hagloefs and companies like Arcteryx, owned by Finland's Amer Sports, have benefited from being part of a bigger company. Under Asics, the running shoe maker which bought Hagloefs for about $130 million in 2010, Hagloefs has doubled the size beli jaket korea of its design team and used Asics gel technology in its hiking and trail running shoes.

Outdoor clothing makers seek growth as Europe stagnates

The Hunter Argyle Full Knee Boot has been used by Scottish fox hunters for the past 70 years and will protect your feet from five inches of rain, in the subway or in your driveway. The Barbour Wax Canvas Jacket is a hunting jacket, but for rainy weekends in the country, it can be thrown over a pair of jeans and loafers. Some brands have come up with sportier versions of their traditional pieces. The Lacoste waffle-weave thermal T-shirt was created specifically as a layering piece to keep you warm underneath a sweater or a coat.

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