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Duck Tour Passengers 'should Wear Life Jackets'

It recommended that tourist vessels of this kind, known as DUKWs, should not operate until the buoyancy problem was sorted out. If you're unable to watch the parade from the city's streets it is being streamed live here. City pride 1143: Beth Rose BBC News Online Thanks to Shayma Alawadhi who tweeted @BBCLondonNews about why she is proud of London after a Birmingham film-maker came up with 100 facts about his city to educate the younger generation about their heritage. Shayma tweeted : "[It is] the home of Charles Dickens." New Year celebrations 1128: The Metropolitan Police made 100 arrests last night on its New Year's Eve operation, mainly for people being drunk and disorderly and for assault. Meanwhile London Ambulance Service said it received 2,588 calls between midnight and 05:00 and 13 treatment centres set up to deal with revellers dealt with 438 cases, with 88 of those patients being sent to hospital. Chiswick fire 1113: An elderly woman airlifted to hospital after a fire broke out in a flat in Chiswick is in a critical condition, police have said.

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