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Must Haves: 17 Warm & Cozy Sweater Dresses

I know some of you live in the midwest and thats all normal and good for you, but for me, 12 degrees is CRAZY INSANE COLD. Like, that aint right. If I could, I would wear a snowsuit all day, but Ive found all that excess puffiness inhibits my ability to type. Instead, I shall layer a warm sweater dress over my coziest leggings and boots and pray Mother Nature gets her shit together soon. Sweater dresses are awesome because they are all the warmth of a sweater, BUT LONGER, and all the cuteness of a dress, BUT WARMER, perfect for layering over tights or jeans/leggings. You really need one in your closet for these godawful winter months. Here are 17 to consider.

Burberry Dog Sweater Authentic Cashmere Nova Check - Very Rare For Sale - New and Used

Burberry Dog Sweater Authentic Cashmere Nova Check - Very Rare: $499 This is a gently used cashmere classic nova check Burberry Dog sweater. Burberry no longer j-fleece has a line for dogs this is very rare and hard to find, this is for a small dog. My West Highland White Terrier only every wore it indoors gently and she is around 15 lbs for a size range for the sweater. 100% Authentic purchased in Manhattan at Burberry Store.

Gus Malzahn looking like Mike Ditka with sweater vest

But now another coach will too. Gus Malzahn dressed in an Auburn sweater vest for the national championship game on Monday night. His resemblance in style was remarkably similar to Mike Ditka.

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