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Internet Of Things Poses New Security Risks

"You've got to be smart consumers when you're using a smart device," said Randy Overton, national product trainer for South Korean giant LG, which showed off its smart appliances that can communicate by text message with the owner. To allay potential concerns, computer chip giant Intel announced at CES that it would offer its McAfee security service for connected devices free of charge,. Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich told a CES keynote that offering this level of security would "allow this ecosystem to flourish." Equipment maker Cisco estimates that 50 billion objects worldwide will be connected by 2020. "It is impossible to put security software on every object," said Cisco's David Orain. The answer is to look and address toko jaket "abnormal activity" linked to the connected devices, said Orain, noting that this is part of what Cisco offers clients.

HD Everything and Internet of Toothbrushes at CES 2014

I had a blast driving it and if I had a spare $40k Id certainly consider it for my next car. It felt quite dull getting back into my internally combusted engine equipped car on the way home. Heres a quick rundown of some of the other cool things I saw: Sticking with cars, HD Radio is here and growing in availability. It still requires new equipment, but cleverly with HD Radio, it broadcasts alongside the FM signal, so its a more convenient upgrade path for the stations and for the listener, when you go out of range of digital it will fall back to FM . Because it doesnt use new frequencies theres some cost savings too I expect. Ive experienced HD Radio once in a hire car and was impressed.

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