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Bbc, North Korea To Add British Tv Programs To State-tv Lineup

The Sunday Times of England is reporting the BBC is now in talks with the totalitarian nations state-run television channel to air a number of its programs. 'I have always believed that what brought down the Berlin Wall was not highbrow diplomacy, but Dallas and Dynasty, an unnamed senior source at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office told the paper. Programs sent to North Korea would have to be something that isnt offensive, like Mr. Bean, EastEnders, Miss Marple, or Poirot. Indeed, officials for British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs William Hague are reportedly assisting the BBC in the pursuit of selecting suitable programming for the country.

South Korea Hikes Support for US Troops

Mike O'Sullivan visited a craft brewery in Los Angeles. Video Future for Commercial Space Endeavors Looks Bright Space - the final frontier. Once the purview of cash-rich governments, launching rockets into space has become increasingly commonplace as demand for communications satellites and space-based imaging services grow. Today, space is a $200 billion a year industry - an example of how partnerships between government and the private sector are helping to lower costs - and in the process - expand our understanding of the world. Mil Arcega has more. Video Students Get Creative with Fused Glass Lynda Slayen first learned about fused glass about 10 years ago and has been making glass objects with this technique ever since.

After North Korea, emotional Rodman urges no politics for a day

basketball star Dennis Rodman appealed on Monday for the world to set aside politics, if only for a day, as he arrived in China from North Korea where he sparked an outcry with comments over an American imprisoned there. The 52-year-old angered many people in the United States with an interview last week in which he implied that Kenneth Bae, a U.S. missionary imprisoned by North Korea, was to blame for his incarceration rather than authorities there. Rodman, who calls himself a friend of North Korean dictator beli jaket Kim Jong Un, apologized for the comments made during his visit to North Korea with a group of fellow U.S. basketball players. Rodman was met by a throng of media as he made his way, flanked by burly bodyguards, through the airport terminal to a waiting car.

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