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Watch: North Korea Remembers A Jacket

He then went on to spend a good chunk of his 17-year of his rule touring the country giving field guidance i.e. looking at things wearing an overall-style tunic with matching trousers in fetching shades of khaki, grey or black. Come wintertime, the dictator wore a signature shapeless gray parka with matching gloves. The parka, as much as his zip-up jumper, has become instantly identifiable with the late Dear leader, who died last year passing the reins, in turn, to his son Kim Jong Un. (PHOTOS: The Busy Life of Kim Jong Il ) North Korean media, like the national daily Rodong Sinmun,argued that the parka was a quintessential part of the whole Kim package.

North Korea pays tribute to Kim Jong Il's 'threadbare and discolored' parka

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Chanel's black jacket captured by Lagerfeld

"They are reminded of the parka worn by him until the last period of his life. "One day great Kim Jong Il, while giving important instructions to officials, referred to his parka," the reader breathlessly recounts, "He [Kim] earnestly said: 'I began to wear this parka from the arduous march after the demise of President Kim Il Sung. I am still wearing this, unable to forget the grim history.'" Kim Jong Il look-alike admits it may be time to hang up his dark glasses As the story goes, Kim Jong Il wore the jacket for more than 10 years -- or for "so long that it became threadbare and discolored." The reader added: "His parka was that of a great father, with which he kept all the people on this land from snow, rain and cold." The state news agency in North Korea reports they have found an ancient unicorn lair in the capital, Pyongyang, but experts on the country say this is likely leadership using propaganda to make themselves seem superhuman. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports. North Korean eyes today might be on the parka but they will be trained towards the skies later this month as the reclusive nation attempts to launch another rocket into space. The launch will be North Korea's second this year after a failed launch in April of a Kwangmyongsong-2 rocket.

Canada Goose Down Jackets All the Rage

Canada Goose even has put a Korean-language menu on its website. North Face padded jackets became all the rage among teens three years ago, partly as a status symbol because they are so expensive. Now even more expensive brands such as Canada Goose and Moncler have overtaken them. But the brand is not popular in Canada. "Most Canadians don't wear Canada Goose jackets," said a Korean resident in Toronto. "They make functional outdoor wear for police and soldiers who work in areas where temperatures fall to -20 or -30 degrees.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Dons Jacket To Discuss Startups With South Korean President

Zuckerberg ditched his trademark hoodie and swapped it for a suit as he assured the South Korean leader that Facebook would continue to invest in the country, and he invited South Korean firms to work with Facebook to help reach more global users.

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