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Bandung?s Clothing Lines And ?distros? For Children

We do clothing lines for kids starting from three-months-old to 12-years-old, but we do it differently. Other clothing lines go for cuteness while we are more daring, said Dimas, who works at the clothing line. Black colored t-shirts and baby rompers dominate their jaket jepang online design, and now the clothing line also features t-shirts with logos of indie or hard core metal bands from Bandung and beyond. If parents like the band, they would want to match it with their children, Dimas said, mentioning some indie hard core bands like Hell Beyond, Injected and Gugat. This clothing line is not for all parents, but I found some of its designs to be delightfully in your face, smart and hilarious. One of their black t-shirt designs says: I have a penis, or, Im following my moms tweets, perhaps a warning for parents to care more for their kids instead of for their social media activity.

Jennifer Lynch Hops Down the Dark Path With Serial Killer Thriller 'Rabbit'

Anchor Bay is already locked to distro the film that stars Vincent DOnofrio (Full Metal Jacket) as Bob, alongside Julia Ormond, Jake Weber, Eamon Farren, Conor Leslie and Evan Bird. Tim (Rabbit) is abducted as a young child by a serial killer. Now a teenager, Tim learns the only way he may be able to survive is if he follows in the killers footsteps. He must make his move to escape before he becomes like the monster that now considers himself his father. Previously titled Chained the screenplay, written by Damian ODonnell, is a gripping psychological thriller that highlights the human condition under the best and worst circumstances. Principal photography began June 27, 2011 in Regina, Canada. Pictured: Vincent DOnofrio Most commented on articles over the past 7 days.

Weekends On Distro Avenue

And while many other distro-fi lled areas have become increasingly popular as gathering spaces including the Cempaka Putih district in Central Jakarta and Jalan Setiabudi in Bandung none in the last few years have reached the level of success of the Tebet district. It has become the area for teenagers and young adults to congregate on the weekends, and sometimes even on weekdays. There used to be six small stores here and the rest were neighborhood houses, said Theresia Alit Widyasari, better known as Sari, who along with two brothers owns three distros short for distribution outlets Bloop, Endorse and Urbie. Now, there are maybe only six houses and the rest are businesses. On weekends, vehicles cruise Jalan Tebet Utara Raya, which is filled with neon signs and music. At the side of the road, hundreds of motorcycles are parked most of them owned by teens in trendy clothing.

Would you like a CD with that? Bookstore-record store convergence

A few record stores have accounts with a book wholesaler, but most don't," explained Yeti managing editor Steve Connell via e-mail. "And not many bookstores have accounts with the record distributors we use." He went on to detail the multiple distributors with which Yeti works: "The mix varies a lot from item to item. Yeti magazine sells overwhelmingly through the record distros, plus Last Gasp and Ubiquity, plus mail order. The literary books sell overwhelmingly through book distro channels.

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